If you talk about Lazio, you immediately think about Roma, the Eternal City, and its ancient history. But Roma is not all Lazio.
This region is an ideal bridge between the north and south of Italy: it borders Toscana to the north and Campania to the south. 

Along its stretch of coastline you will encounter a territory rich in Mediterranean nature (expanses of vineyards and olive groves in the north of the region; sunnier and more rugged landscapes in the south) and with a temperate climate all year round.



Transport and communications

roma fori imperialiRoma is the main communications hub with two international airports, Ciampino and Fiumicino, well connected to the entire world.  As a famous proverb goes, “all roads lead to Rome”:  the cross country A24 highway and the north-south A1 highway link the capital to the whole national territory; Roma also has easy connections to nearby historical cities such as Viterbo, Tarquinia, toward the south of Toscana and Umbria, and to the long regional coastline which runs down to Campania. 


Roma Fiumicino Airport
Code: FCO
Information: distance from city centre, 26 km, in about 30 minutes; non-stop trains to Roma Termini railway station every 30 minutes; buses take around 32 minutes to the city centre.

Roma Ciampino Airport
Code: CIA
Information: distance from city centre, 14 km; buses to and from Ciampino railway station every 20 minutes take 15 minutes.
Nearby cities and areas:  Lazio, Viterbo, Abruzzo, Marche, southern Umbria and Toscana, Tyrrhenian Coast


Cities of Lazio

roma colosseoRoma needs no introductions. Everyone knows its great history which runs from the Ancient Classical world to the Renaissance. Centre of the greatest Roman imperial power, centre of Christianity, site of Vatican City and the Pope, Roma is the cultural and spiritual capital of the entire world. Generations of artists, writers, poets ― and after the Second World War even the  exegetics of cinema and TV who created the myth of “La Dolce Vita” ― fell in love with Rome and settled here.
lazio mareNear Roma, there are many areas with small and medium-sized towns which offer interesting opportunities for real estate investments (farmhouses, properties and apartments) at favourable prices:  Rieti, surrounded by the Sabini Hills, the capital of Lazio’s largest province; Lake Bolsena, Montefiascone and the lovely medieval towns of Viterbo and Tuscania:  these areas are well connected to Roma by train, buses and country roads.  Even the long coastline with its nice sandy beaches are full of great places good for investments and not far from Roma’s airports: Ladispoli, Fregene, Anzio, Nettuno, Sabaudia.


The Cuisine

Great history doesn’t necessarily mean great sophisticated cuisine:  the cuisine of Lazio and Roma is essentially made from simple, even poor, but tasty dishes.  It’s typical of this part of Italy to masterfully recover the less selected or even rejected cuts of meat:  lingua di vitella in salsa piccante (pickled lamb’s tongue), trippa alla Romana (slices of cow’s stomach in tomato sauce) and cervello fritto (minced and fried cow’s brains) are real specialties, much sought after by people with fine palates, too.  As anywhere in Italy, pasta keeps its prominent role, but in this region you will find very peculiar recipes, thanks to simple tasty sauces, such as “garlic and olive oil” or “cheese and pepper”.

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