From property searches up to the house keys in your hands:here comes the list of the main services which Victoria House can provide with fair quotations , time by time and according to your needs, and a quick description of what to do to buy a property in Italy.All services are oriented to make your purchase easier :


  • property searches:  sale/purchase
  • organisation of visits to see real estate
  • management of sales/purchases and rentals
  • estimates, assessments, cadastral and mortgage surveys
  • legal and financial consultancy
  • procedures to obtain mortgage from local bank
  • technical consultancy for renovation and interior design
  • reassignment of utilities contracts (electricity, water, telephone, etc.)
  • property surveillance service when owner is absent
  • obtaining a tax code
  • procedures for short or long-term residence permits
  • opening a bank account

property searches  :  how to find and where to buy

First suggestion :  forget all the methods of your country ! Second suggestion: ask for some help to someone who knows and speak your language!  It will be the best warrant to know quickly – and   from your point of view-  the italian culture, its way of living and its geography. It will be the the right way to find out the better investment for you .
Many things must be foreseen and organized to buy a house in Italy:  you have  to do with foreign currencies, exchange rates, different legal and banking systems; you need to know where every pound, dollar or euro is going to be spent and … that’s not all : once you have bought your new villa or apartment, you will need to know  whether your property is connected to the main services for telephone, water, sewerage, gas and electricity; you also might need to organize your removal or to furnish your new home , getting the  internet and your satellite equipment set up. All this should be done before you can sit peacefully on your  sofa in your new italian  house.  Don’t worry, no panick:  the help of an expert and professional real estate agent, , who talks your own language, is  strongly recommended .


For many people Italy is really the destination always dreamt and for a lot of good reasons: the magnificent weather, the extraordinary food very much in keeping  with an healthy and nutritious diet, an artistic cultural patrimony without equal. Buying a house in Italy, the homeland of La Dolce Vita, of fashion, art and  design is a perspective which can really change your life.  


To decide in what region to live asks for much care: advices of your friends will be precious and so they  are the  places most advertised, but above all look for what it can satisfy your more intimate and personal expectations. Italy offers  an  incredible number of  opportunities  for investments  in the greater part of its territory. Italy is a country made out of Regions, often very different and strongly  attached to their  cultural peculiarities which show an exciting variety of life styles. Also its extraordinary territory is rich and variegated: Italy  is surrounded for 4/5 by the sea, with coasts of every type (sandy beaches and rocky coasts); huge mountains in the north-west (in Piemonte ) and fertile countries spread with lakes in the north-east (in Lombardia , Veneto and Emilia-Romagna); green sweet hills in the center (in Toscana and Umbria); thriving nature and irresistible beauty in the South (in Campania, Calabria, Puglia) and in the islands (Sicilia, Sardegna, islands of Archipelago della Toscana). Added to the beauty of its nature, there is the boundless richness of its artistic treasures: 40% of the world cultural patrimony is –incredible but true - here in Italy, with an impressive concentration of masterpieces which go from the breathtaking remains of the Roman Empire and the immortal classic of the greek culture ( Pompei, Calabria e Sicilia ), to the masterpieces  of the incomparable culture of the Renaissance (Firenze, Venezia , Pisa, Siena, Genova) which forged the western culture until our days.  Buying  a property in Italy will change your life, because here you will really appreciate the authentic value of your investment.  We will help to choose  the region and the most suitable town for your requirements and we will supply the main guidelines  to typologies of properties, driving you into the entire buying process.


What are  the  factors to be known if you decide to buy a villa in Como, a farmhouse in Toscan or an apartment by the seaside near Roma?  A stable guideline  is nearly impossible to be  found:  prices can vary according to the type of properties, areas, regions and districts. Variations of  prices are strongly influenced by more general issues, such as the local economic situation and the international financial contingencies. However there are good sources of information such as: Nomisma, a Society of Economic Studies ( sited in Bologna, which   monitors the Italian real estate market and studies the  price variations  year by year; the Osservatorio Immobiliare, a section published on Il Sole 24 Ore (, one of the most reliable Italian newspaper, specialized in economy and finance. The informations available offer a reliable guideline on the  price trends  from region to region, from province to province, from town to town.  Obviously the most reliable source of information should be a professional real estate agent which could drive you into these matters; but if you decide on a "Do it Yourself" system , you can only go patrolling the territory, looking at the offers on the newspapers (every week  you will find several pages dedicated to the real estate  market) or at  some free press and magazines easy to be  found in the newsstands or  in front of every real estate office.


Prices are always quoted  in euros per  square meter. Once you have found out your wanted property and have  begun the negotiation,  it is suggestable to check the general condition of the property.  If you can do it by yourself,  better for you, no doubt . However you should consider that there are professionals  who  can do that  with swiftness and precision: one of these professionals is the Geometra, a  figure with no equivalent outside of Italy.  The Geomatra is not an architect, nor a supervisor or an inspector, but  someone in-betwenn: he has the professional skill to  correctly evaluate  the conditions of the property you want to buy: he  will check that there are not structural lacks, yieldings or any sort of defects (hydraulic system, electric, heating, etc).  The Geometra  will do the so-called Sopralluogo, a sort of check-up of the real estate ,and will proceed with the technical report -the so-called Perizia - in   which he will control all the details and the correspondence of them to the planimetry, the architectural drawing of the real estate which the vendor has to provide to the buyer: number of rooms,  square meters of the single rooms,  balcony, terrace, cellar, etc.  If your apartment is located in a commonhold, the Geometra  will  control  the general conditions, the position, the presence of any elevators, the service charges.  The same will happen if you  want to buy a property in the countryside or by the sea, where other  different elements should be carefully monitored: the rights of step, the risk of landslides and floods, the correct and continuous water, methane and electricity supply. All these details are  the priorities  for your  future property and it necessary to check them to prevent any potential problem.


Having to do  with a foreign currency, exchange rates, different legal systems, banks  and  unfamiliar taxation, can be  frightening and  discouraging. No need to be afraid: it's important to know well  all the  different steps  and to have a clear view  of all the costs  involved in  the whole operation. Unless  you  have a considerable amount of savings  or you won to the lottery,  you should maybe consider the possibility to obtain a loan by an Italian bank.  Searching for a reliable and secure bank is not  so difficult: there are international banks which have their own branches both in Italy  and in your country and which are available to listen to your needs. In the Eurozone you will find differences, sometimes substantial, in the rates of interest on the loans compared  to your country (in Italy they are usually more convenient). These rates vary continuously on monthly bases and nothing can be defined with absolute certainty: however in the European economies the variations never suffer from dramatic changes. In Italy, particularly, this market is much more stable than in other countries and is not infrequent to get  loans which can cover up to 60% of the entire value of the property.  
Whether you decide to pay with your savings or with a mortgage, the next step to do is the transfer of your money in Italy. You can decide to  trust in your  lawyer  (also an Italian Lawyer, suggested by your  real estate agent) and you can sleep soundly in your bed. If you decide to do it by yourself, you should be extremely careful  and above all…. you should forget  the old systems of  money transfer ( cash or your money hidden in a suitcase) : the procedures are now much more secure and monitored . All comes through the bank of your country  and the Italian bank where you must, in any case,  open a current account  to get the operation carried out.  When you  do this, keep an eye on the exchange rate between your currency and the euro:  you will prevent  bad surprizes.  Opening  an  account in Italy will be however necessary, and not only because of the transaction to buy your house: there will be other various expenditures  which will pop up  when the deal  is done  (some of  these can be even rather relevant  if you   decide to restore your  house, to furnish it and to make any other addiitional customizations to have your Italian house finally … all yours.

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