Umbria is a tiny delightful region in the centre of Italy, and it’s also known as ‘the green heart of Italy’.

Famous for its splendid countryside, Umbria is very similar to Toscana from many point of views, with mild green hills, olive trees and vineyards and with lines of cypresses trees bordering the roads. The magnificent countryside of the Monti Sibillini National Park and the mountain-fringed valley of Valnerina are also areas of outstanding beauty. Whether you’re looking to buy a renovated property in the Umbrian countryside or set up home in one of the marvellous walled hill towns so characteristic of the region (Gubbio, Todi and Assisi), there are opportunities for good investments.


Airports and communications 

Even though it is a territory immersed in a total quiet, Umbria is well connected to the rest of Italy (located between Firenze and Roma) and to the outside world.  A good airport hub is sited at Perugia; if you take the southbound A1 motorway, it will be easy to reach Rome 150 km away.

Perugia Airport
Airport name: Sant’ Egidio
Airport code: PEG
Distance from city centre, 12 km; a 10-minute drive.
Nearby cities and areas: Lake Trasimeno, Toscana, Marche, Arezzo, Cortona, Gubbio, Spello, Assisi, Montefalco, Spoleto, Orvieto, Trevi, Valnerina, Norcia, Terni, Narni, Todi.


Cities of Umbria : Assisi, Orvieto and Gubbio

umbria assisiBeside Perugia, the capital city of the region, many other marvellous places are waiting for you. The town where Saint Francis was born, Assisi possesses a marvellous series of frescoes by Giotto inside the Basilica; Orvieto boasts a magnificent Gothic cathedral; Gubbio is considered the most perfect medieval town centre in all Italy.  These are a few examples of the historic patrimony of Umbria, which is rich in superb masterpieces from the Renaissance era.


Lake Trasimeno and the Cascata delle Marmore

umbria marmoreTo the east, Umbria is bordered by the Apennines, and to the south lays the city of Terni and the extraordinary waterfalls of the Cascata delle Marmore. Heading north-east, you’ll find Lake Trasimeno, the biggest inland waterway on the Italian peninsula, very popular in summer with water sports fans.


The Cuisine

umbria foodIn a mostly agricultural region, pasta and roast meat are the traditional staples, enriched by flakes of precious rare truffle (Umbria and Piemonte are the only Italian regions where you can find truffles in any quantity).  Other specialities are porchetta, a whole roasted piglet dressed with rosemary and sage; game such as guinea fowl and pheasant; excellent chocolates and pastries.  Just as in Toscana, olive oil and wine are really of top quality.

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